We are offering drives of Siemens& ABB the world leader in AC / DC drive technology. We have been able to exploit the extra ordinary features of the Siemens/ABB drives & configure them in many high demand applications. We have established ourselves as a preferred solution provider for the customers for complex multi drive application, line applications, high available drive solutions.

We have a dedicated Drive sales and support team, and our product knowledge is second to none. We stock the latest ABB low voltage products and our expert technicians can advise you on any ABB& Siemens low voltage product.

Our comprehensive portfolio of ABB drives includes ACS150, ACS355, ACS380, ACS310, ACS550, ACS560, ACH550, ACS580, ACS880, ACSM1 and many more. All our ABB drives whether micro, industrial or HVAC help in improving process efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and improving productivity. The drives support connectivity to automation and BMS networks. A large range of drives are stocked and we can custom stock holding to suit your needs. ABB Drives are suitable for pumps, fans, conveyors, material handling machines, exercise equipment’s, white goods, gates, doors, barriers, compressors, cutting machines, extruders, machine tools, mixers, stirrers, spinning machines, centrifuges and processing line applications. In a span of 30 years, we have supplied our ABB Drives to all industries like chemical, automotive, plastic, pharma, power, cement, rubber, mines, heavy engineering, steel and a plethora of other industries in India as well as abroad.

Because of our sales volume, we can offer our customers the best prices possible and our in-house stock levels allow us to provide immediate delivery for almost every AC variable drive ranging from 0.8KW to 110KW in both HVAC and Standard drives.