DCS/PLC offers complete peace of mind for the users with its unique open Architecture & complete scalability. Futureproof client investment & zero shutdown time for upgradation are few of the unique offerings of DCS.

  • Stand-alone DCS/PLC
  • Hot Redundant DCS/PLC
  • SCADA with 21 CFR compliance for Pharma application.
  • Centralised I/O configuration
  • Remote I/O configuration
  • Zone-1 & Zone-2 I/O configuration
  • Server client architecture/ node based Architecture
  • Integration with electricals IMCC & Power equipment’s
  • Integration of Energy management system.
  • Remote monitoring using web client or smart client.
  • Plant Integration, upgradation & revamping.
  • Solar Automation
  • Integration of any third-party PLC/DCS with centralised controls with industries 4.0 & cloud based solutions.