Energy Management system


We Design, Engineering, Supply & Commissioning of EMS system with complete network solution with wired or wireless.

Key Features:
  • Our EMS solution can integrate any make of meters up to 1000no’s of devices in a single license.
  • Local or Server based software to view from any computer or network computers.
  • Plug & Play enterprise level SCADA.Smart easy local & remote configurations.
  • Different types of events & report generations.
  • Variety of online data representation with different types of report sheets with programmable tariffs Graphical representation.
  • Multiple Protocol supported like RS485/232 Ethernet etc

Report & Trends:
  • Manual Automatic & Schedule report
  • Customized report as per customer requirement.
  • Daily shift wise consumption.
  • Daily shift wise Power Interruption Logs.
  • Daily shift wise demand.
  • Day to day consumption.
  • Specific energy consumption.
  • Transmission & distribution Losses report.
  • Energy bill for individual feeders/Office/Plants
  • Alarm with min/Max.
  • Total Energy & Peak demand.

Alarms & Events:
  • Multilevel threshold for complex criteria.
  • Messaging, Emails, and SMS alarms as per demand on multiple person.
  • Log generation of alarms for case study.
  • Request user acknowledgement.
  • Real time Audio and visual Alarm generation.
  • Historical graph alarm event Logging.